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Cycling Over Sixty

Tom Butler

Join us as we continue to follow the inspiring journey of Tom Butler, an average man in his 60s, who has found an invigorating path to fitness through the power of bicycling.


In Season One, Tom achieved his long-desired goal of completing the grueling 206-mile Seattle to Portland ride. He also discovered that his capacity for gaining strength and endurance was much higher than he anticipated for his age. However, despite Tom’s success, some key indicators of lifestyle diseases persisted. 


Season Two steps up Tom's quest for improved overall fitness. Determined to make changes that will yield better results, he embarks on a fresh cycling challenge, pushing his boundaries even further. Along the way, we'll witness his trials and triumphs as he seeks to transform his health.


The podcast features insightful interviews with experts in exercise, nutrition, and various health topics. From seasoned cyclists to leading specialists, these guests offer valuable advice and guidance to Tom on his mission to achieve and sustain optimal fitness.


But it's not just about the physical aspects of cycling – the podcast also explores all things biking. Discussions range from bike mechanics and equipment to the broader impact of cycling on society and the environment.


Tom, wholeheartedly embracing cycling as the foundation of his fitness journey, shares his struggles and successes candidly. His infectious enthusiasm aims to inspire people approaching or over 60 to hop on a bike and discover their untapped potential for increased fitness.


If you're seeking motivation, expert insights, and a heartwarming story of perseverance, "Cycling Over Sixty" is for you. Listen in to this fitness expedition as we pedal towards better health and a stronger, fitter future!